Apply for Bower 2018

Bower 2018

  • Gurindji Arts/Culture Centre, Northern Territory
  • Design/Build
  • 25 points — Open to MSD students (limited places available)
  • Applications are now open and due by 3pm Saturday 24 February

Bower Studio has built a relationship with the Gurindji people on their homelands in remote Northern Territory. Our last project with the Gurindji, the ‘Wave Hill Walk-Off Pavilions’, was completed in 2016 by a team of MSD students supported by local workers. Three pavilions mark the walk-off journey and reflect upon stories shared by elders. The links Bower Studio makes between these stories, the landscapes and the steel has been recognised nationally and internationally.

Bower Studio has been asked to help keep Gurindji culture strong and this year we will help build two pavilions at the Kalkarindji community – the artists at the Karungarni Art Centre need protection from the sun and rain. A local work team will support you, and you them.

Once we have completed the pavilions the artists have asked if we could work with them to prepare ideas for a new arts/ culture place. Engagement with community at this detail will provide a rich source of inspiration for the final designs.

Classes run 9-12 Monday morning. You will be in the community for a ten-day period from mid-April with cultural competency training and research seminars before working at Kalkarindji. A pre-departure building exercise is held at the Creswick campus 7-9 April. The studio is intellectually and physically demanding – please review the website carefully! Allow approximately $1,800 for airfares, 4WD hire etc.

The subject is open to MSD students studying design as part of the C,D,E and Thesis design studio (Thesis by special application to David O’Brien). Successful students will enroll in ABPL90356 Bower Studio and complete 25 design points.

Information session

Studio C, D, E information session Friday 23 February.


Applications for Bower 18 are now open and due by 3pm Saturday 24 February. We know this is a really short turnaround but no late submissions can be considered. You should have first attended the information session to understand the scope of the project.

Submission Process

Please email your application to the selection committee and tell us why you are excited about the Bower 18 project at Kalkarindji (300 words or less).

Alternatively, you can upload a two minute (max) YouTube clip and send a link to the selection committee at the above address. Make sure it’s published as public (not private) so we can view it. Email us to say you have uploaded the clip and please include your mobile number so we can contact you if needed.

Please tell us if you are applying to have this processed as a Design C, D, or E subject or if you would like to do the project as Design Thesis.

Successful applicants will be notified by email on Monday 26 February.

Please be aware that this project involves some long-distance travelling, hard work and some very basic accommodation and food.

Further information

Contact Dr David O’Brien.