Kalkarindji, NT 2019 - Day 6

Waking up to the sun rising at the base of Mount Possum marked the beginning of another productive day in Kalkaringi. Arriving on site we were greeted by three horses walking through town.

Splitting into groups of two we began work on Shadys 1 and 2. Busying ourselves with grinding and painting, Shady 1 was ready for its furniture. With the design team lead by Gemma in her state of limited mobility, the seating and benches were designed to maximise views towards the playground and to utilise the shade cast by the nearby tree to provide protection from the harsh Kalkaringi sun.

Following a lunch break under the tree, where a certain Honcho even managed to fit in a quick nap, two shade screens were put together out of perforated metal sheeting. The bench was made from two mahogany slabs, supported by SHS legs. The purlins were put up on Shady 2 and the steel frame for the BBQ was completed.

We returned to camp at sunset where the Dilly-Dallies cooked us all a feast for dinner.

Finn Stagg & Emma Martin