Kalkarindji, NT 2019 - Introduction

Darwin was hot and humid, Litchfield was beautiful, but Kalkaringi remains a mystery.

Sitting around the campfire under the stars, after spending a day swimming at Florence Falls on the drive down, Kalkarindji was brought up in discussion. We are excited, looking forward yet simultaneously a little apprehensive; feelings are mixed.

There were some expectations shared among the group; red desert, dead trees, mixing concrete in 40 degree heat and no showers. But in general we don’t know what to expect from Kalk: will we be welcomed by the community? Will we have any time to see what Gurindji has to offer? Will we get the chance to discuss housing design with anyone in the community? Or will we just be working the whole time? What will be the final result of our excursion? But excitement about rolling up our sleeves and actually doing something physical is the primary sentiment.

What has been confirmed by David is that there will be no flies, no mozzies and no rain… So at least we can be thankful for that.

Bowen and Brett


two students

Night Sky

Student standing in bushland