Kalkarindji, NT - Day 11

As the construction processes of both the art centre and the pavilion is approaching an end, the shipping container we used to store tools and materials is steadily becoming empty.

We decided to turn the shipping container into a new storage facility for the art centre. In this phase, to create more useful space and to help organised things, a big shelf made by timber and plywood was set within. Without designing before building, dimensions need to be correctly measured and joints need to be well considered at the same time to make the shelf perfectly fit. The elements of the shelf's structure were cut piece by piece from longer timbers based on the measurements, and then were joined by drills. Unlike assembling Ikea furniture, making a shelf without following a instruction booklet took longer than expected. However, we succeeded in the end, producing a better-than Ikea shelf for Penny.

Across the road, team shady was finalising the seating design for the bus stops. Panel screens were installed to provide additional shading during the glaring afternoon sun. After some welding by Jack, and fixing some minor hiccups, the seating under the big shady was mostly complete. The day came to an satisfyingly end watching a child dancing under the pavilion.

Written by Henry, Jia and Jorina