Kalkarindji, NT - Day 2

Today we were introduced to the community, meeting Phil from Gurindjicorp and Penny from the art centre. It was inspiring for us to hear first hand, from the people in the community, that our work here in Kalkarindji is an important piece of a much bigger picture.

A successful day on the tools under the hot Northern Territory sun followed with our minds working together to resolve the much debated cladding treatment to the art centre extension. More to come on this later... After a full day's worth of work, there was nothing more we looked forward to than a cool cold beer. Arriving at the pub it was lovely, loud, with an odd argument on the side. Here exchanged drinks for stories, learning about the culture & livelihood of the locals. We met Ernest, who helped break the awkwardness of finding someone to talk to. He welcomed us and introduced us to his family, giving all us an opportunity to speak with someone local. There we chatted away until close.

Written by Henry and Eliot