Kalkarindji, NT - Day 8

We had the most beautiful lunch with the Artists and their families today. We learnt about the cooking of Kangaroo tail, helping to wrap in foil and bury in hot coals beneath the fire. Together we enjoyed the little yarns with meal of sandwiches and bits of chopped tail with baked sweet potato. Out of it all it was a chance for our groups to intertwine and learn stories from each other. It’s nice to feel their excitement to share their culture with the younger generations.

"I got all the knowledge from the elders, I miss them, now I’m on own... To all the young people who give us a hard time go to the club and steal things, think hard in their minds and be a good man." - Jimmy Wavehill (descendant of Vincent Lingiari)

Back at the construction site, the work and enthusiasm hasn’t stopped; we’ve fitted the front door in and the roof is finally on! The transformation of the steel columns have also been gradually hugged with steel mesh.

Written by Elliot and Claire