Kalkarindji, NT - Day 9

This morning we had 3 days left in our programme; David had written a to-do list.  Just after sunrise on site we gathered as David, James, Vic and Dan ran through a structured team approach to the build. We then separated into two groups to attack what seemed like a mountain of work; one group on Big Shady, another on the arts centre.

Progress at the arts centre today was defined by the play of light and shadows emerging. The weld-mesh cladding provides shading within the pavilion all day round, slowly revealing thin bands of light in the afternoon sun. These bands begin to blend with the swaying shadows of the trees, it is noticeably cooler.

Wind dictated our progress on the Big Shady, as strong gusts blowing across the community stopped us from finishing the roof sheeting. We sat and observed the comings and goings; the community was abuzz trying to finish their weekly shopping before the shop closed for the weekend. We used the extra traffic in town to discuss the big shady seating arrangements with some of senior members of the community; this gave us direction to get back to work.

After the shop closed, the wind seemed to die down, and with the exception of a few sly loitering dogs, the town was quiet. We fabricated two benches, but were surprised with the intensity and reach of the afternoon sun. Subsequently, the position of the third bench/platform will require further discussion with Gurindji Corp.

Written by James, Dan and Victoria