Wadeye Cultural Hub - Day 2

The Wadeye Media Box really started to take shape today with the installation of the frame for the screen, an electricity pole to connect the Box to the streets power line, and the formwork being set out for the seating around the screen. Also the pavilion was neatened up by removing some old insulation that was decaying and hanging down (see picture).

The screen will be used for the projection of archived cultural material such as local dance and song, recorded football games, and watching TV and films.

The screen required welding and sturdy bracing to secure it in the case of a cyclone. The boys from the boiler making workshop helped out with welding the screen in place and installing the electrical lines. The frame was then given an undercoat of paint to prevent rust from occurring.

There was also progress on the mens pavilion, screwing brackets to rafters in preparation for the next days installation.

Working alongside the TDC has proven to be a great opportunity for the Bower Studio members to build relationships and learn about local cultural and knowledge.

Some interesting conversations were based upon Murrinh-Patha, the linga franca of the Wadeye community. The community members taught the Studio members key phases such as… Ngay ka medayi,’I am hungry’. This became very relevant as lunch time neared.

Slowly conversations have been started around what a cultural centre would look like or means to the community. There has been lots of talk of the importance of art, song and dance and having places to perform, practice and sell products that the community makes.

On the way to camp the much anticipated Kakadu Plum, locally known as mi marrarl, was spotted, picked and tasted. The plum can contain up to 50 times the amount of Vitamin C than an orange and astronauts are known to take dried ones into space to maintain their vitamin levels.

Learning about local knowledge has been a highlight and we excited to learn more as our relationships in the community grow.

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Vishnu Hazell and Timothy Farrugia