Wadeye Cultural Hub - Day 6

The day begun in a flurry of dust and sweat. An early start saw the weary eyed travellers on site at 7:30am but ready to battle.

Dan ‘Peas’ Bisetto jumped onto the grinder like a duck to water as he cut the men’s pavilion screens like hot butter through a knife.

Alessia ‘Al dente’ Valenza willed the rattle gun like a crazed chef on opening night as she tore the bolts from the formwork. No sheet was safe as the team of Sasha ‘Tree Fridge’ Briner, Hannah ‘Savage’ Willoughby Pearson, Dan ‘D-Day’ Kellett, Vishnu ‘Bonesaw’ Hazel, and Victoria ‘Roo-pasta’ King, ripped and rebuilt the equivalent of Rome within a single days concreting. Angles of abstracted plains dissected the pavilion floor like ‘the morning after’ dinner after a batch of bad prawns.

Brendan ‘The Bruce’ Monagle, and Al ‘Potato’ McDonald tested both emotional and irrational fears of two meter heights as they slashed down the rusting remnants of a roof of ages past. Covered in dust and debris they were able to replace the final purlins before retreating to the shade for a cup of powdered milk in humble celebration.

Nicola ‘the Nic’ Leong and Andrew ‘Legs’ Curnow danced like a pair of Brolgas in the afternoon sun as they wrangled the corrugated roof sheets into place atop the men’s pavilion.

Tim ‘Two Laces’ Farrugia clashed against the Wadeye media box in a battle of steel vs man. Sparks were reported all the way up to the Darwin coastline as the projector window was aligned and cut-out of the shipping container. Fortunately for ‘Two Laces’ he came out on top and was able to retreat to the camp where the rest of the team had found refuge.

All under the watchful eyes of David ‘Boss-man’ O’Brien, George ‘The Big Fetta’ Stavrias, and James ‘The Troweling Trinity’ Neil as they fixed the screens into place while warding off the local children like mozzies to fresh meat.

As the sun began to set, more children arose like warewolves on a full moon; back flipping and swinging off car roof racks we knew it wasn’t long until we wouldn’t make it out alive. Hurrying to escape we packed the cars and headed for shelter. Unfortunately, stragglers like Sasha ‘Tree Fridge’, didn’t make it and was swarmed by a mass of energetic minions.

Camp was set up on the beach this evening; with ever growing fears of the relentless crocs, it was decided that Al ‘Potato’ would be served up as sacrifice to the salt water gods.

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Alessia Valenza and Alexander McDonald