Wadeye Cultural Hub - Day 7

After a night camping among the sand dunes at Wadeye Beach, the moon hung low on the horizon as we drove in to town for another days work.  It was straight back into the finalizing of various tasks from the previous afternoon - completing the formwork for more bench seats around the screen, while work continued on the fixing and replacing of the roof purlins in the old pavilion roof structure.

Today we began to form up and mark out the placement of several panels of laser cut corten. These panels will act as decorative and playful “place markers” around the media box pavilion, signifying the area as precinct for cultural engagement within the community. It will be great to see these panels in place over the next few days.

This morning we also saw the first test images from the projector up on the big screen – a very exciting moment!

The town was noticeably quieter today as many families had ventured out beyond the centre of Wadeye to enjoy the Queen’s birthday long weekend. Work wrapped up for us in the early afternoon and the team enjoyed a break along with the rest of town. Some of the group drove out to Yederr for a long-awaited swim, while others took a trip to Fossil Head to go fishing among the mudflats.

Returning back to town in the evening, it was a wonderful to catch the first glimpse of the screen lit up at night, running some old archival footage. A small group of people, young and old, gathered in front, faces illuminated. Kids ran in giddy circles around the pavilion and a sense of excitement filled the air.

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