2015 – Gudorrka,
Northern Territory

Gudorrka, Northern Territory (Revisited)

  • Original Project: June 2009
  • Revisited: August 2015

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There have been a number of revisits to House 8 over the years as we maintain our relationship with the Gudorrka community. After a year living in the renovated house Max and his young family moved from Gudorrka into new housing in Palmerston (a rapidly developing satellite city near Darwin).

New tenants have come and gone with this house the most highly sought after of the steel types at Gudorrka due to the bathroom, kitchen and shaded outdoor area. The outdoor fence is still standing but could do with some repair (August 2015).

We don’t have any recent photos – it is awkward taking photos of people’s houses and we haven’t built a relationship with the current tenants.