2014 – Knuckeys Lagoon,
Northern Territory

Knuckeys Lagoon, Northern Territory (Revisited)

  • Original Project: June 2010
  • Revisited: 2012, 2013, 2014

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The media box project at Knuckeys Lagoon was perhaps more successful than the media box at Gudorrka over the mid term. In part that was because the community elder, Ronnie Agnew, moved his office into the building despite the funding agency’s request for him not to do so! Ronnie successfully made the case that it was important for him, as a community leader, to have an office close to the community hall and in a more prominent location to the community entrance.

His presence certainly assisted in ensuring that the project was well received and used on a daily basis for a range of activities for many years. Unfortunately the program that funded Ronnie’s position as a paid community leader was defunded around 2013 and he is no longer able to base himself in the facility.

The Bower Studio team have revisited the media box numerous times over the years and in 2014 a group of six students took a break from working at Belyuen to visit Knuckeys Lagoon and work on the garden around the media box, repair a door and resurface the outdoor table and chairs.