2014 – Belyuen,
Northern Territory

Belyuen Community, Northern Territory (Revisited)

  • Original Project: September 2013
  • Revisited: July 2014

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‘Big Shadey’ at Alice’s House

Alice and her extended family selected the ‘Big Shadey’ from the HomesPLUS catalogue and were very keen to have an outdoor living space and the capacity to cook over the open fire and have running water and a sink. Just as the team had completed the work Alice arrived back from the store with a pillow and mattress and said she was planning on being there day and night!!

Revisiting Alice in 2014 James and David were pleased to see and hear how much she and her family enjoy using the space. The fire was in the same place and the kitchen bench and sink still operate well. Visits in 2015 again showed that the ‘Big Shadey’ remained as a social focal point and it was gratifying to see there was no need for any repairs. The big moveable seat had been relocated adjacent to the fixed seat to make a single large seating platform. We had anticipated that this might be an outcome and had designed accordingly. This has also reinforced the value of flexible design strategies and the capacity it allows for functions and space to evolve over time.

During our next visit in 2016 we would like to add some new paint.