You make the choices

  1. Choose your new home

    You can browse the range of homes available, filtering the options to find the one that’s right for your needs and budget. The website contains images of what your homes will look like and also some technical drawings like plans so you can decide if the layout is right for you and those who will be living in your new home.

    Examples of floor plans

  2. Choose your add ons

    You get to decide what additional items will make your home function best for you. A carport perhaps? A vegie garden? A playground for the kids? YOU choose.

    Examples of add ons available.

  3. Site inspection

    Not all sites are the same – some are flat, others are sloped. Some are in urban areas, others are outback. Some have trees and vegetation, others have a very solid soil. Once your selections have been submitted, the Homes Plus Team will take a look at your site, to confirm that the Home and Add On you’ve selected are suited for the site, the surrounds and local environment.

    Photographs of different site types

  4. House is delivered and installed

    Around 2 weeks from the site inspection, your house will be delivered and installed on your site. You and the Homes Plus Team will confirm the location and it will be connected to services, almost ready to live in. You will be the resident of a new home, chosen by you!

    Photographs showing the construction process.

  5. Add ons are delivered then built by you, and the local work team.

    • You decide where the Add On should be installed
    • You will learn new skills which you can use later to maintain the Add On
    • You will save money on labour and can buy more Add Ons

    Materials are delivered. With the help of an instruction manual, some friends and the Home Plus Team, you will build it. You will be the owner of a new add on, with new skills learnt along the way.

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