HomesPLUS Indigenous Housing

@ Kalkaringi, Northern Territory

HomesPLUS Indigenous Housing @ Kalkaringi, Northern Territory

Studio Leaders: Dr David O’Brien and George Stavrias

Tired of sitting behind a computer all semester? A design/build project in remote Australia is just the thing you are looking for!!

Bower Studio has been invited back to Kalkaringi and we will join the Gurindji to design/build two outdoor living pavilions for the HomesPLUS initiative. You will be working alongside members of the local community who will provide a rich source of inspiration for your designs. Over ten demanding days you will help consult, design and build two pavilions selected from the HomesPLUS catalogue and fitting them out to suit community needs.

Back in Melbourne your final design will investigate improved housing processes and outcomes for Indigenous communities, developing the work you’ve begun on-site.

Previous Bower Studio MSD students and local workers designed and built the ‘Wave Hill Walk-Off Pavilions’ (exhibited at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale).

Classes run 9-12 Monday mornings in the MSD Building with cultural competency training, research seminars and preliminary design work held prior to departure. We will extend your building skills at a training camp to be held at the University’s Creswick campus 13-15 April and you will be working in the community between 24 April to 5 May.

The studio is intellectually and physically demanding – please check the website carefully! Be warned that this project involves some long distance travelling, hard work and some very basic accommodation and food. Check out the student’s blog written during the build phase of previous projects to get their perspective

Allow approximately $1,800 for airfares, car hire, etc.

Applications for Bower Studio must be submitted directly – it is NOT on the ballot.

Submission process

Please email your application to the selection committee and tell us why you are excited about the Bower 19 project at Kalkaringi (300 words or less). Add your telephone number in case we have any questions.

Alternatively, you can upload a two-minute (max) YouTube clip and send a link to the selection committee at the above address. Make sure it’s published public (not private) so we can view it. Email us to say you have uploaded the clip and please include your telephone number so we can contact you if needed.

Please tell us if you are applying to have this processed as a Design C, D, or E subject or if you would like to do the project as Design Thesis.

Applications for Bower 19 are now open and due by 5pm Saturday 2 March. We know this is a really short turnaround but no late submissions can be considered. You should have first attended the information session or directly contacted David O’Brien to understand the scope of the project and confirm you are eligible to apply. Successful applicants will be notified by email on Sunday 3 March.

Information session

Studio C, D, E information session Friday 1 March. Please feel free to contact David O’Brien via email with any other questions.