Kalkarindji, NT - Day 3

Up at the crack of dawn to the sound of mooing cows who share our paddock, we were quick to head to site to get started before the heat of the day.

We continued our work on the arts centre, completing the first wall of the extension. After much discussion amongst the group and with Penny, the arts centre manager, we got to work executing our design. We decided to leave a small gap in between two sheets of weld mesh steel to create unobstructed sightlines at eye height when seated. The views outwards to the surrounding landscape are accentuated by steel beams which frame the natural and urban landscapes.

We cut, grinded, and welded 2 equal-angle beams together into a column. And we decided to set up 3 columns that are closer to the entrance first. However, the columns were really heavy to be lifted up and settled into the ground. Sunset started already after we made sure both columns were plum in the proper position, but we were able to stabilize the wall on both sides of the entrance.

Luckily we were able to refresh ourselves with a shower after our long day and are ready for tomorrow!

Written by Natalie and Jorina