Kalkarindji, NT - Day 4

My hands are covered with powdery steel dust smeared with sweat and dirt. But lingering stronger, a fragrant bush medicine plant that Penny from the Art Centre showed us. This is just one of the many opportunities we’ve been lucky enough to learn from the culture of Kalkarindji.

I feel calm amongst the cicadas and distant water pump, a dull meditative hum - sound so discomforting in the urban context seems the opposite on the cattle station. After yet another delicious meal by the team - Lachy, Vic, Jia and Elliot’s Mexican extravaganza, we sit around the warmth of our open fire, sinking into our chairs to stare at the infinite stars.

Everyone looks wrecked. Even a couple of the people at the club mentioned we looked pretty knackered. Today we split off in two groups, one working with the big shady (new bus stop) and the other continuing on the extension to the art centre. This day brought with it time to meet and see the community using the two different spaces. 
Local stories told at the social club mentioned that snakes are most active at night and that cane toads will be soon extinct because of a mutation.

Tomorrow we pour concrete - solidifying our work at the arts centre and the new bus stop next to the Kalk general store.

Written by Claire and James