2015 – Titjikala,
Northern Territory

Titjikala Community, Northern Territory (Revisited)

  • Original Project: April 2014
  • Revisited: April 2015

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Big Shadey’ at Stepanie’s House

James, Matt and David returned to Titjikala twelve months after its completion and although Stephanie’s family were travelling we could see a lot of evidence that the pavilion was used quite frequently. Stephanie has incorporated a garden into the sitting area and has placed potted plants on the screen. The pavilion is in a great location with views towards the shops making it a popular place to see what is going on in the community.

‘Big Shadey’ at Mari’s House

Twelve months after its completion David, Matt and James visited Mari, her friends and family. There were about a dozen adults and a bunch of kids using the big shadey that day which was quite common we heard. The kids were playing in the sand and the parents and elders were enjoying the shade and seating. Mari has tended the plants included as part of the project and incorporated many more. The garden is doing very well and feels like an oasis. The space feels very accommodating and comfortable and it was a great pleasure to join in the proceedings.